USAGC Advantages

A FREE Airline ticket from your country*

USAGC provides you with the following benefits:
A Green Card Visa and A FREE Airline ticket from your country to the USA to claim your Green Card*.

  • Winning Notifications:

    Winners will be notified by email, regular mail, phone (and fax optionally).

  • Flexible Address:

    You can change your address at anytime (including email address, physical address, phone & fax numbers, etc.)
    also after the submission of the application or after the deadline period - We will update the changes in our data base.

  • Photos Scanning or Uploading:

    Upload your photos online or send us your photos with post mail and we will scan them according to the US Government requirements.

  • Photo update:

    You may update your photographs at anytime before the actual submission period.

  • Timely submission:

    You do not need to worry about the submission period. The state department dedicated website will only be available for a short and specific period only. Using the USAGC services you can send us the data at any time and we will ensure that your application is submitted on time as required.

  • No missing details:

    USAGC service will ensure that your application has all the required information according to the USA State Department rules and regulations and will notify you if more details are required. All based on the data received from you.

  • Multiple Year Submission:

    You can fill your details once, and we will resubmit your application every year (see payments required).

  • English Submission:

    We submit your application in the English Alphabet according to the State Department Rules and Regulations. * All winners who won the Green Card in the D.V. Program and paid to for the registration of the specific winning registration year of the D.V. program will receive a FREE AIR LINE TICKET to USA at a worth of up to €1,000 as long as they used and paid for the services of affiliated USA immigration law firm at a worth of €3,000.

The Service

USA State
Department Website
Registration Available all year round
Equal chance to all participants to win
Free of charge
Registration 365 days a year
Free airline ticket to winners to come to the USA*
Sending photos by post mail
Allow uploading photos
Update of photos at anytime
Notify winners by regular mail
Notify winners by phone, email and fax multiple times
Update of contact information at anytime
Multiple years submission
Online support by experts
Check of final Entry Form by experts before submission
  • Official U.S Government Program

    This Green Card Program was established under the immigration and Nationality Act and was approved by the U.S Congress. Read the official act from the State Department