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Essential tips for the immigration and Green Card Process

What you need to know before applying

Are you considering relocating to the U.S.? Getting a Green Card is the way to do it right. Although getting your Green Card can be quite a hassle, there are a couple of tips and know-hows you need to understand in order to make it easier

File More Than One Petition

With so many people applying for their U.S. Green Cards, it is likely that there will be a significant waiting period before your application will be reviewed. In order to make sure you have the best chance of receiving yours Green Card, you will need to prepare accordingly. If you have multiple relatives who live in the United States you should see if each one would be able to apply for your Green Card for you. This way, you have all of your bases covered if there is a delay. USAGC employs experienced and knowledgeable immigration representatives who will help you with all aspects of your application and relocation process

  • Expect Delays

    There are tens of thousands of Green Card applications sent every year. Due to these large numbers, you should know that there can be significant delays. Items such as a work permit, approval of employment, birth certificate or other identification may prevent your application process from progressing. It is important you get these done beforehand!
  • Make Copies of your Documents

    It is extremely important for you to make copies of all the documents that you need for the application process. Losing or misplacing these documents may make the difference between successfully receiving your Green Card or not. There have been many cases of the U.S. Department of State misplacing documents and requesting another copy of them. It is YOUR responsibility to be prepared for all possibilities. When you send any documentation to the USCIS make sure you send it certified mail with return receipt requested. This way you will have all documentation and proof of correspondence if there is any type of misunderstanding or for any reason the documentation is lost.
  • Understand the Rules and Regulations

    There are many rules and regulations that you must follow regarding your entry and life in the United States. Any documentation you get will have a lot of complicated text which will explains to you how to maintain your status as a Green Card recipient. To ensure that you understand all these regulations, USAGC representatives can help you even before you receive your documentation. This also applies to any work permit as well.
  • Prepare for Arrival

    Upon approval of your Green Card you will have up to six months to gather your belongings and make the appropriate accommodations for your new life in the United States. That means making sure that your finances and planned community are looked into and taken care of. It is recommended that you prepare for both of these relocation components well in advance. It is also important that you have the necessary documents with you upon arrival at the U.S. border (i.e. airports). Make sure your documents are readily available

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