People who won the DV Program with USAGC

These are real people who won the Green Card Program with USAGC!
Here you can read stories of real people who won the DV Program with USAGC, next year it can be you.

  • Andrea.L


    It was a great pleasure letting usagc take care of every detail on my way to the US,
    they did an amazing job and now i can start my new life in the USA!! :)

  • Stefan.P


    Dear USAGC,
    I'm very pleased with the help provided by the USAGC during that period! I'm very happy to say than you for the help and indications, for realizing that dream of mine! Thank you USAGC!

  • David.D


    Thank you very much for the organization USAGC that gave me a chance to win a green card USA, and the opportunity to work or learn new skills and science, and thus bring more benefit to my country as well as America. I am grateful that you exist and help many people. Sincerely grateful to you!

  • Willer.S


    Dear USAGC, i've been a foreign exchange student between 1989 and 1990 in milwaukee, wisconsin. i found myself very confortable in the u.s.a. and i love their way of livin' so since then i had the dream to come back to stay for the rest of my life. after almoust 20 years i had the feeling that it was not my destiny but this year thanks god and usagc i have the chance to realize my dream. i'm really glad i found usagc along the way helping my dream come true. thanks everybody for your support and affords, your info and help (and lots of phone calls too). i wish to everybody the same luck i had. god bless america!

  • Catharina.W


    To Whom it May Concern:
    Never in a million years did I think I would ever hear from the lottery again. I entered and never thought about it again. USAGC carried on sending me updates and information, which I was very grateful for. Imagine my surprise when the phone call came through. Coming from South Africa where there are so many scams, I assumed this call was one of those. Needless to say, my family and I are extremely grateful for the assistance we received. USAGC must have done something right. And even after we won, USAGC continued to offer their assistance. Unheard of where I come from!!!!

  • Afina.A


    I would like to thank USAGC for all the assistance it provided to me for registration into DV lottery 2006 and its help latter on. I found USAGC from Internet by myself and liked various service possibilities offered. I decided to register through USAGC. It was easy process. USAGC promptly informed me by e-mail and phone for any updates. My friends asked me how I registered to the lottery and even asked me for the company's website address. I am very happy with the service I got from USAGC and do recommend them as a reliable and honest company. I want to stress to the word HONEST - as during my communication with USAGC I have never caught them in Internet fraud, that becomes very popular nowadays. USAGC brought luck for me and I wish GOOD LUCK to you to :-).

  • Helen.J


    Dear USAGC, It was a big surprise to receive the letter with the winning notice. I was kind of sceptical when USAGC approached me a year ago with their services. But: It worked. I can highly recommend this company for everyone who is really interested to win the lottery. These guys obviously know what they are doing. Great!!!!

  • Katerina.P


    I submitted my application in November, and in May I was notified via phone and email that I am among those randomly selected for further consideration for the Diversity Visa Green Card program! The phone call came in the morning, when I was on my way to work. I couldn't have wished for the better news to start my day! I thank the USAGC Organization for reviewing and submitting my application for the lottery. Most of all, I thank the Lord for sending the right people my way to help me reach a goal of becoming a permanent resident in the US. I am filled with joy and thankfulness for being so blessed!

  • Harrisa.G


    I wanted to express my extreme gratitude and thankfulness to the organization. I was declared a winner for 2011 and as of yesterday I have been approved for the card. I am very very very grateful to USAGC, just wanted to say just want to a big Thank You

  • Patrick.K

    South Africa

    Dear USAGC Organization, This email is to thank you for your outstanding service that you had provided to me with my recent application with regards to the green card lottery. I would highly recommend you to any future clients wishing to obtain a green card and to live and work in the us. Thanks again for everything and all of the best for the future.