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you are ensured the highest level of professional service for your immigration needs. USAGC has provided immigration services for over 10 years and has helped thousands of clients immigrate to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Our highly trained immigration agents will ensure that your application for the Diversified Visa Program (aka, DV Program) will meet or exceed the US government standards for accuracy and completion and guarantee that your application will be submitted on time.

Once you make the decision to become a USAGC client, you will have two convenient options to:
  1. Online Green Card Program application service
  2. Personal help with your Green Card application from a USAGC American immigration expert

Online Green Card application service

USAGC simplifies the immigration process. Never before has it been easier to apply and submit your immigration application for the US Green Card program. Our unique and easy Green Card application service is available online and translated in over 20 languages for your convenience. Through our automated application system, any errors or omission by you are detected and highlighted in order to alert you that your application is in error or not complete.

Once you have completed your online application form our professional legal experts will review your Visa application to ensure that your answers are both complete and conform to the strict US government rules and format. Rest assured your application, when completed, will be 100% error free and submitted with the highest confidence.

Upon completion, your 100% error free application will be submitted electronically to the Kentucky Consular center during the open registration period.

If you are a lucky winner, we will contact you by phone and by email and instruct you how to proceed with the Green Card process. It's that easy!

Personal Assistance

Should you have difficulty filling out your Green Card application online, USAGC offers you the option of filling out your Green Card Program application form over the telephone with one of our immigration agents.

At any time should you have questions or concerns about your Visa application for the US Green card program (for example, whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements for the Diversity Visa program, special circumstances, etc.) or if you are unsure how to complete our online Green Card Program application your own, feel free to contact our agents and they will happily assist you.

After completing your Green Card Program application, our legal team will thoroughly review your Visa application for the USA to make sure that everything meets the US Government requirements.

At any time prior to your application being submitted you may make corrections or update your online application easily using our online application. As a USAGC customer you may update or revise your Visa application for the US Green Card program as many times as needed (for example, due to changes in family situations, such as if their marital status changes, they have a child, etc.).

Important to remember, however, that it takes time for our photo experts to verify your pictures meet the US Government standards for the DV program, so it is wise not to "wait until the last minute" to update your photo(s). If you have any doubt about an update or the status of your Green Card Program application, please feel free to contact our professional Customer Service Department immigration experts - they're here to assist you!

Please note that USAGC offers its customers the convenient option of automatically sending their Visa application for the USA to the DV Program each year during the official registration period for up to 10 years. Of course, it is important for customers to keep their Green Card Program application and photo(s) accurate over time and to keep USAGC updated as to any changes made on their Visa application for the USA.

If you are selected as a Green Card Program winner, USAGC offers a post-selection option that can assist you in filling out the necessary US Government documents, provide insights regarding the upcoming US Consular Interview, and other related matters.

At USAGC, we simplify the immigration process and alleviate the concerns associated with completing your Visa application to help maximize your chances for a bright future in the land of opportunity - the United States of America!
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